Airmatic Compressor Saves Food Manufacturer $44,796 In Yearly Energy Costs

Airmatic Compressor Saves Food Manufacturer $44,796 In Yearly Energy Costs

A food processing company that has been in business for more than 50+ years was looking to replace two 150 HP fixed speed air compressors that were more than 25 years old. The two 150 HP compressors operated 24/7 with only an intermittent, light load on the second 150 HP compressor during a blow down process.

Airmatic was given the opportunity to install data loggers to determine potential energy savings. After logging for 8 days, the results indicated a yearly energy savings of $44,796 could be achieved by installing a combination of two smaller fixed speed compressors along with one variable speed driven compressor. The customer decided that the combination of two Atlas Copco GA45 (60 HP) units along with one Atlas Copco GA55 VSD+ (75 HP) unit was the best solution to replacing the current inefficient compressors. With this solution, the customer will be able to receive a full return on investment within 2.1 years.

There were many factors that lead to the customer’s purchase, including:

  • The small footprint by fitting 3 compressors and a stand-alone air dryer into two outdoor sheds
  • Interfacing of all 3 compressors to lead/lag and sequence with each other
  • The ability to always have 100% redundancy in case a unit went down or needed to be serviced
  • The peace of mind that Airmatic Compressor deploys 17 service technicians on a daily basis who can be on site in a matter of minutes

Another happy customer!

Credit: Larry Emmolo – Systems Specialist