Managing Emergency Calls

William De Luca, Director of Technical Service

“The formula for success at Airmatic: Marketing + Critical Service Dept. response = Satisfied Customer and a new compressor sale!”

Our Service Department received a panic call one late afternoon in the middle of April, right at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a very difficult period of time with support resources scarce for many businesses out there. This customer is a leading metal fabrication company in northern NJ that counts on compressed air to keep their operations running, so restoring production asap was paramount for them. The customer’s machine had gone down on a drive motor failure, and they had no back-up unit. Obviously with no way to keep production going, this was a very urgent situation and thus time was of the essence.

The customer was being serviced by another provider and they called them desperately for assistance AS THEY ALSO NEEDED a rental compressor to get their plant back up and running while their in-house compressor could have its motor repaired. Unfortunately, the existing provider was unable to offer any form of assistance to return the plant to operation, so they had to go on a search for someone who could help.

The customer took to the Web to search for someone who could save the day, and as a result of a strong marketing presence, they easily found Airmatic! Even receiving the emergency call late in the day, our Service Department sprang into action to lend immediate assistance to the customer.

Airmatic has a full fleet of rental compressors, and had the exact size that the customer required. If a rental compressor is too small it won’t be able to support the plant load, and if it’s too large, they would not have adequate power to run the machine, so having the appropriate size is a very critical element. Our ServiceDepartment was in constant communication with the customer during the process and was able to significantly jockey around the scheduling in order to accommodate the request. The plan consisted of having the rental compressor delivered 1st thing in the morning, and simultaneously our Service Technician would be onsite as well to hook up the machine. The result was in about 1.5hrs the customer’s plant was back up and running!

The customer was so impressed with the response and support he received from our Service Department that he wanted to look into purchasing a new machine from Airmatic. The rental was only supposed to be onsite to cover the duration of the motor repair, but that plan was abandoned and they elected to get a new compressor.

Our Compressor Sales System Specialist made an immediate visit to the customer to confirm all their requirements and propose an appropriate value-add solution, in which they quickly elected to proceed with the purchase. The rental continued to run their facility flawlessly until their new machine arrived, which was a 40hp Variable Speed Drive compressor with an integrated refrigerated dryer.

The customer is very happy with their new machine, and to them we saved the day and their operations, but to the Service Dept. at Airmatic, this was just another day doing our best to assist our customers!