Tips for Optimizing Atlas Copco Piping Configurations

Tips for Optimizing Atlas Copco Piping Configurations

Saving money and energy costs is the goal of many manufacturing facilities. A great way to reduce these costs is to ensure energy efficiency in industrial compressed air equipment.

Some tips from the Compressed Air Blog by Atlas Copco will help your manufacturing facility save energy where you didn’t think there was any energy to save.
Having up to date equipment can minimize air leaks. Piping systems that are over 5 years old, could see as much as 25% more leaks than the latest versions of the products.

To achieve the best return on investment for your piping system configuration, Atlas Copco recommends to always follow the manufacturers’ instructions and recommendations for installation. Also, it is necessary to adhere to the specific limitations required for pressures and temperatures.

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* Image From  Compressed Air Blog by Atlas Copco