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Has your air compressor failed? Do you have an upcoming air compressor shutdown scheduled so that you can carry out routine maintenance, make repairs, or expand your systems? Whether your air compressor needs are planned or unplanned, air compressor rentals are the ideal solution to avoid operational downtime and the resulting loss in revenue.

At Airmatic Compressor Systems Inc., our New Jersey team offers air compressor rental services around the clock. We rent both oil-free and oil-injected rotary screw air compressors to support our local customers with the best products and services possible, focusing on customer satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and reduced operational costs.

Rentals Information

Air Compressor Rental in New Jersey: Benefits

When you make an industrial air compressor rental, it’s important to have confidence in the rental company you choose. Working with Airmatic Compressor means that your rental is supported by New Jersey’s largest and most experienced team of service and sales professionals dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your unit. We are committed to providing the best assistance possible to our renters and forming alliances with only the most reputable equipment companies, all in an effort to match our high standards for our products. We offer:

  • New Atlas Copco models with VSD technology, saving you as much as 50% on operating energy costs
  • Models with the smallest footprint available for easy transportation and positioning
  • Lowest-in-class decibels (dBs) for quieter functionality
  • Built-in refrigerated air dryers
  • Equipment that’s installation- and wiring-ready for hookup to your air line and electric supply
  • Efficient and reliable equipment to meet your immediate needs

To best serve you when the unexpected happens, we provide sudden service with a quick, accurate response.

Oil-Free Air Compressor Rentals in New Jersey

Airmatic Compressor offers a fleet of oil-free air compressor rental units with the horsepower to meet your requirements. We have two types of Atlas Copco units available: the ZT22-8.6AP.460, which is a 30-horsepower, single-stage, rotary tooth model, and the ZT55-8.6AP, a 75-horsepower, two-stage, rotary screw model. Both oil-free air compressor types are air-cooled and include all the necessary controls, fittings, and piping, as well as air-cooled technology and a silenced canopy to cut down on noise.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor Rentals in New Jersey

Airmatic Compressor also has a fleet of various Atlas Copco full-feature rotary screw air compressors for rent. These products vary in power rating, ranging from 10 to 125 horsepower. All are single-stage, air-cooled, and oil-injected. Every tank-mounted rental comes with a drive motor, air and oil systems, and electronic regulating controls integrated with a refrigerated air dryer and variable frequency converters.

Airmatic Air Compressors Available for Rent in New Jersey

Airmatic Compressor works with Atlas Copco to provide equipment rentals you can rely on. Founded in 1873, Atlas Copco’s equipment line meets our high standards for quality and reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. For more information on the available industrial air compressor units you can choose from to fulfill your company’s unique needs, please review our offerings below.

Industrial Air Compressor Rental in New Jersey

Based in Carlstadt, New Jersey, Airmatic Compressor offers a range of high-quality industrial air compressor rentals for varied applications. We also sell vacuum pumps, air treatment products, compressor air dryer systems, and N2 generators. To better support your business as a one-stop shop for your air compressor needs, our team provides maintenance and sudden response repair capabilities in addition to our rental services, with warranty plans for our products and work.

To learn more about our product offerings and services in New Jersey, contact us or request a quote today.

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