Airmatic Compressor is an authorized distributor of air compressors in New Jersey. We provide piping installation services, compressor service and parts, and full support for industrial air and gas compressors, vacuum pumps, N2/O2 gas generators, and compressed air treatment equipment. Our products assist our customers in industries from manufacturing, engineering, and technology to life sciences, automotive, food and beverage, oil & gas, and many others.

Airmatic Compressors Products in New Jersey

Since 1975, Airmatic Compressor has provided industries across New Jersey with industrial air compressors that work safely, conveniently, and efficiently, even at high temperatures. We sell, install, and service various oil-injected, oil-free, reciprocating piston, and scroll compressors to suit a wide range of industrial needs.

These compressors are available with various options for design, functionality, pressure level, and auxiliary features to meet the needs of our New Jersey customers. Our staff will carefully listen to your needs to determine the right solution for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our company:  

How to choose an industrial air compressor supplier?

To choose the right industrial air compressor supplier in New Jersey, you’ll want to look at the following criteria:

  • Proximity. For prompt service, it’s important to choose an industrial air compressor supplier with close physical headquarters to where you are located. Airmatic Compressor knows the New Jersey area well, so we can quickly address customers’ needs.
  • Reliability. With almost five decades of experience, customers can count on Airmatic Compressor to deliver reliable products and services to meet various industrial needs.
  • Certifications. Certifications illustrate a company’s adherence to the highest national and industrial guidelines for quality service and equipment. Airmatic Compressor is certified by the U.S. Department of Energy, The Environmental Protection Agency, ISN, Avetta, ComplyWorks, Veriforce  OSHA, and PICS (Contractor’s Choice awards). As an authorized distributor, we also have the specific air compressor training needed for all sales, installation, service, and parts.
  • Environmental Awareness. Airmatic Compressor is committed to providing environmentally-responsible air compressors that can lower your operating cost, boost efficiency, and lower your carbon footprint.
  • Staff and speed of response time. It’s important to choose a supplier that is well-staffed and capable of responding quickly to questions or concerns. With 21 technicians, Airmatic Compressor has the most service technicians in the area. We also have an average response time of within four hours of your initial call. 

What Counties Does Airmatic serve?

Airmatic serves all across New Jersey in the following counties:

  • Bergen County
  • Essex County
  • Hudson County
  • Hunterdon County
  • Mercer County
  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Morris County
  • Ocean County
  • Passaic County
  • Somerset County
  • Sussex County
  • Union County
  • Warren County

Where is Airmatic Compressor Located?

Airmatic Compressor is located in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

Contact Airmatic Compressor in New Jersey

At Airmatic Compressor, we are New Jersey’s largest distributor of vacuum pumps and air compressors. We provide reliable equipment, service, and installation to meet your industrial air compressor needs. To learn more about our product lineup, please contact us today.