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Compressed air testing is now a requirement under new regulatory changes. Safe quality food (SQF) and other industry standards mandate the testing of compressed air systems that directly or indirectly contact food products.

Airmatic Compressor helps businesses in the food and beverage industry adhere to these standards by providing compressed air and air quality testing solutions. Our highly qualified team of environmental consultants can conduct air quality testing and design the appropriate air systems for your business, whether you’re in the food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, or other industry.

Learn more about how to achieve high-quality SQF compressed air purity, the benefits of following stringent SQF air quality standards in the food and pharmaceutical processing industry, and the types of compressed air quality services we offer.

Quality Compressed Air Pertaining to Food & Beverage Manufacturing

In the food, beverage, and packaging industry, FDA and SQF standards require compressed air purity testing. According to SQF code 11.5.5, compressed air used in the food manufacturing process should be clean and present no risk to food safety. The air also needs to undergo regular (at least annual) monitoring for purity. Every manufacturing facility has its own risk-based food safety programs that must be followed.

How to Achieve SQF Compressed Air

There are many sources of contaminants that can get into the compressed air systems of food processing plants. All compressed air installations must remove contaminants or minimize the concentration to a safe level. Unless these contaminants are removed, there can be negative impacts on food quality and safety. One of the most effective ways to reduce food safety risks is using sterile grade air.

After installing filter combinations that meet the SQF air quality standard, check the compressed air line regularly to ensure the integrity of the system. When installed at the point of use, properly compressed air filtration can help meet or exceed the SQF standard for compressed air as well as CFR Title 21 and GFSI standards.

Advantages to Using Quality Air Testing

In the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, compressed air testing is paramount because consumers ingest the products made in these facilities. Proper compressed air testing ensures compliance with FDA and SQF regulations as well as consumer trust in your brand’s integrity.

Quality Compressed Air Services From Airmatic Compressor

Airmatic Compressor understands the need for manufacturers in the food and pharmaceutical processing industries to keep their compressed air systems performing with utmost efficiency and integrity. To support these requirements, we offer a variety of compressed air services and parts, including:

  • Energy & performance audits: Airmatic Compressor uses an efficient compressor monitoring system called SMARTLINK to give customers insight into their compressed air production and help them avoid potential problems. Our Energy Auditing Program collects data, analyzes costs, and makes recommendations on how to enhance the system’s performance.
  • Air leak analysis: As part of our preventive maintenance program, Airmatic conducts air leak tests. These evaluations also provide information on airflow pressures, power usage, and where costs can be cut.
  • Compressed air & vacuum components: We provide high-quality, reliable compressed air and vacuum parts to optimize your system’s performance. One example is our corrosion-resistant, durable Airnet blue aluminum piping for air compressors, air receivers, drains, air dryers, and more.
  • Remote monitoring: Airmatic offers smart control communication systems so customers can monitor their systems remotely, on demand.
  • Custom master controls: We can also optimize your air output by customizing controls depending on your needs. Some capabilities include preventing uneven wear on compressors or equally distributing operation among multiple machines.
  • Maintenance programs & warranties: To support our commitment to providing high-performance, reliable parts and services, we offer a variety of warranty and preventive maintenance programs.

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