Compressed air testing is a standard method of evaluating the purity of the compressed air used in industrial processes. Testing compressed air is vital to applications where impurities are not allowed, such as food processing applications. If contaminants are found in finished food products, they will fail health and safety inspections.

Certain regulatory authorities mandate food manufacturers to comply with specific compressed air quality standards so that their operations do not pose any health or safety risks to consumers. Learn more about compressed air quality testing and the services we offer at Airmatic Compressor.

What Is the ISO 8573 Compressed Air Quality Standard?

One standard that many industrial processes must comply with is the ISO 8573 compressed air standard. This internationally applicable standard provides a testing protocol for identifying harmful levels of impurities in samples of pressurized gas. The particles that this testing method looks for include water, oil, and different types of particulate contaminants.

Compressed Air Testing Procedures for Water, Oil, and Particles

Compressed air testing may entail one of several methods that help identify potential contaminants in industrial systems. These methods look for four main contaminant types that the Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) has listed:

  • Particles — These contaminants can result from atmospheric dirt, pipe scale, or gradual equipment wear.
  • Water — Vapor, liquid, or aerosol contaminants may affect compressed air quality.
  • Oil — Aerosol, liquids, or vapors could contaminate products and may be found in both the compressed air stream and the system’s condensate.
  • Microorganisms — Bacteria and other microbes could contaminate compressed airflow.

Air Quality Testing Services Offered by Airmatic Compressor Systems

At Airmatic Compressor Systems, we offer various compressed air quality testing services. We install ports at the proper locations for testing, perform the testing, and send samples to the lab. We also have the ability to support existing and updated Safe Quality Food (SQF) initiatives.

SQF initiatives are important to keep up with as they minimize the risk of food contamination. If a facility has SQF certification, it has proven its ability to produce quality food that’s safe to consume, comply with relevant food regulations, and comply with the latest SQF Code requirements.

Airmatic Compressor Systems’ compressed air testing services make sure your compressed air systems comply with SQF standards, which will ensure clean compressed airflow and protect your products from potential contamination.

Airmatic Compressor Systems’ Service Areas in New Jersey

Airmatic Compressor provides quality compressed air testing services for customers across the state of New Jersey. Depending on customer requirements, we also provide compressor parts and services, piping installation, and full support for vacuum pumps, gas and air compressors, compressed air treatment systems, and N2/O2 gas generators.

Our capabilities help customers across a range of industries, including:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive
  • Oil and gas
  • Life sciences

Get Reliable Compressed Air Testing Services Today

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