David Van’t Slot, System Specialist

First of all, what is an M-box compressed air audit?? The expert team at Airmatic Compressor will hook up special data collection loggers to your compressor and receiver. These specialized loggers will collect and record amp draw and pressure level data for a week. That data is delivered to our trained engineer that will evaluate the data and produce an informative report that details your compressed air usage/ pressures 24 hours per day for the week. As a Plant, Production or Maintenance Manager, here are 10 questions that you should be asking yourself periodically to evaluate if an M-box could benefit the way you manage your plant compressed air system.

1. Are you managing your compressed air system or just reacting to issues?

2. Does your plant have sufficient back-up for your compressor system?

3. Does unreliable air pressure/quality cause you to ruin raw material or product?

4. Does your plant have enough excess compressed air to add new production equipment?

5. Are there excessive leaks in your plant? It may not be your people whistling to pass the day…

6. What is the energy cost to run your compressor system and are there energy saving upgrades available?

7. Are there new technologies that can save energy and keep the compressed air quality at the optimal levels in your plant?

8. Does your production team complain about the compressed air pressure or quality??

9. Do you have enough storage/receiver tanks in the plant and do you have an outdated piping system that could cause pressure issues at certain parts of the plant?

10. M-Box audit every six months? Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your compressed air system is delivering everything that you expect and wouldn’t you like to know if there have been changes that need to be addressed before production is adversely effected?

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions–you should strongly consider calling your Airmatic Compressor Systems Specialist to schedule an M-box Audit.

The results will help you manage your compressed air system and not simply react to problems when it may be too late.