Installed Scroll Air Compressor

A Guide to Scroll Air Compressors

Scroll air compressors are oil-free compressors that deliver high-purity, clean compressed air for pharmaceutical, food packaging, and other applications. This blog will discuss in more detail what scroll compressors are and their advantages to help you understand how your industry or application can benefit from their clean and efficient functionality.

The inside of a Scroll Air Compressor

What Is a Scroll Air Compressor?

A scroll air compressor uses internal compression to provide positive air displacement. The device draws in the air or another gas and traps it, reducing its volume and discharging it through an outlet port. Instead of having a piston move air in an up-and-down motion, scroll air compressors work in a circular motion. They rely on a drive motor that rotates the scroll body around a stationary, non-rotating scroll.

Scroll Air Compressors: Advantages

Scroll air compressors provide many advantages to commercial and industrial applications. The benefits of a scroll air compressor include:

  • Oil-Free: Scroll air compressors operate 100% oil-free. They can be used in sensitive applications and environments where oil contamination is unacceptable. The spirals that compress the air do not require oil or lubrication because they do not produce friction.
  • Low Maintenance: The oil-free operation of scroll air compressors means there is no need to change the oil or oil filter. There are fewer moving parts and thus fewer maintenance needs. Scroll air compressors have no spark plugs; the only maintenance typically required is a routine air filter replacement.
  • Energy Efficiency: Scroll air compressors offer energy-efficient operation, and units with built-in dryers can considerably decrease downstream pressure drop. An air-cooled IP55 class F motor option facilitates energy-efficient air compression in heavy-duty applications.
  • Quiet: Scroll air compressors are quiet due to their piston-free operation, which reduces noise, friction, and vibration.
  • Multiple Compressors: A single scroll air compressor unit contains multiple compressors, so it can continue to operate if one compressor shuts down.

Scroll Air Compressors: Applications

Various commercial and industrial applications rely on scroll air compressors to provide clean, quiet, and efficient compressed air:

  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Laboratory
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Production
  • Textile

Quality Scroll Air Compressors From Airmatic Compressor

A scroll air compressor is an air compression solution that works without pistons, relying on a rotating scroll body to compress and move air. The piston-free operation allows the compressor to operate oil-free with minimal noise and vibration. It is also highly energy efficient and reliable, with heavy-duty options and inherent redundancy from having several compressors in one unit. It also requires less maintenance than other compressors and reduces downstream pressure drop. For these reasons, many industries rely on scroll air compressors for daily operations.

As the largest distributor of air compressors and vacuum pumps in New Jersey, Airmatic Compressor is dedicated to providing customer-focused products and services. We deliver high-quality, reliable scroll air compressors and sudden service for all your compressed air needs. Contact us or request a quote for more information on air compression solutions for your industry or application.