Is Your Vacuum Pump Sucking Away Your Profits?

Is Your Vacuum Pump Sucking Away Your Profits?

A local cheese packing company having low vacuum issues with its shrink wrap packaging machine using a 25 HP rotary vane pump with booster, reached out to Airmatic to come up with a solution. Loggers were installed and after collecting pressure and power/flow data, it was determined that a 730 VSD+ 15 HP variable speed driven rotary screw vacuum pump could do the job eliminating the need for a booster pump.

The previous yearly operating cost of using a 25 HP rotary vane vacuum pump and booster pump, operating at 3000 hours a year, was approximately $ 8,275.00 a year. By installing a 730 VSD+ 15 HP VSD vacuum pump, the customer was able to achieve a yearly energy savings of $3,850.

The yearly energy savings was not the only benefit. The customer was thrilled with how much quieter their new vacuum pump is which included a sound enclosure in addition to lower maintenance required. The key to these energy savings is that the rotary screw vacuum design is much more efficient than the Rotary Vane design. The 15 HP rotary screw vacuum pump can deliver 430 CFM while the 25 HP rotary vane vacuum pump was able to deliver 490 CFM. The new vacuum pump delivers a similar CFM but requires almost half the horsepower.

Credit: Larry Emmolo – Systems Specialist