Lowering Costs. Increasing Efficiency.

Lowering Costs. Increasing Efficiency.

A local parts manufacturer needed to replace an existing oil-free 100 HP VSD compressor due to significant age. After digging into the application, it was found that the customer did not need oil-free air throughout the plant. A small demand paint booth was the only area requiring oil-free and it could be accommodated with local upgraded filtration. With their usage, demand profile and overall air quality requirements considered, it was determined that a lower cost oil-injected multi compressor system would be the best solution. This included (1) 50 HP Variable Speed Drive and (2) 50 HP fixed speed compressors.

The customer now has increased efficiency, 100% redundancy and a lower overall Cost Of Ownership. Without asking key qualifying questions and truly understanding how the compressed air is used, the customer would not have received the right solution at the right price.

Another happy customer!

Credit: Frank Asbaty – Systems Specialist