Too Complex? Not for the Airmatic Mechanical Team!

Too Complex? Not for the Airmatic Mechanical Team!

The Airmatic Mechanical Installation team was presented with one of their more challenging applications yet. The customer had very specific and challenging needs and narrow window of shut down time to implement to upgrade their compressed air system. The existing compressed air system was an old, unreliable, inefficient and undersized oil-free compressor with outdated technology and no redundancy. The recommended solution for the customer’s current production and future growth was (2) 30HP oil-free rotary screw air compressors; however, the room size presented some issues in properly installing this system.

The Airmatic engineering staff and mechanical installation team designed a room layout that would easily fit both compressors, allowing for full access for servicing and ventilation. An AutoCAD drawing of the equipment layout was provided to the customer and other vendors involved so that everyone had a complete understanding of the scope of the entire project.

The customer was so busy that the only option to install the new compressed air system was to schedule the installation on a holiday that was a planned shut-down day. Airmatic’s Mechanical Installation team worked hand-in-hand with the customer, rigger and the electrician to complete the project in record time. With teamwork from all involved parties, the project was completed with the air system up and running by the end of the holiday, ready for production.

Needless to say, the customer was ecstatic and able to restart production with no downtime.